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Discover the Wonderful World of Judaica with Pandora, Middle East gift shop
Recently, there has been an immense growth in popularity of Judaism. More and more people are developing great interest in learning more about the Jewish life so that they feel somehow connected or rather would want to associate themselves with Jewish heritage. Others have even had interest in studying Kabbalah Jewish mysticism. While Jewish literature has been helpful in helping people understand the religion, most people decide practicing it using Synagogue items. It is for this reason that most inquirers look for these Judaica products in various Judaica stores.

At Pandora, Middle East gift shop, you we sell all products from the Holy Land-Israel, Jerusalem. The Judaica world encompasses all the possible objects pertinent to Judaism. Juidaica products comprise mainly, yet not exclusive of articles which are an inseparable parts of the religion including Judaica Tallit.A tallit is a prayer shawl which Jewish men wear when praying according to the custom. We are always dedicated to providing our customers with a range of selection of the finest Judaica products. Our inventory includes exquisite Judaic art pieces, Jewish gifts and a collection of other items all related to Judaism practices.

We have a selection carrying ceremonial items for Bat Mitzvahs and Jewish weddings. Right from Benchers, Ketubbah to Kipot, there many Jewish items that customer can source from our store. From our selection, you can get very handsome tallits and the matching decorative talis clips to keep them in place with some style. You can also get amazing wedding bands and rings, Bar and Bat Mitvahs, commemorative jewelry ,original Jewish gifts as well as personalized Kosher party favors.

Our Hanukkah selection consists of classic and electric chanukah memorahs, luminescent window fixtures as well as other Hanukkah decorations. Our store also has gifts of tradition including the dreidel bulk packs and ornate art dreidels. Customers can also find Chanukah table settings, arts and crafts, gifts and all items needed for the festival of lights.

16914598_xxlThere is also much customers can expect from our Shabbat section. Shabbat items for the day of rest come in plenty. Right from Shabaat candlesticks, Challah accessories and challah knives, there is really many items to choose from. A Kiddush cup can be great for a home, Kiddush fountain (wine server) for Shabbos. You can also get the best selection Jewish articles, Tallit bags, authentic shofar and shofar stands, mezuzah scrolls and covers, Torah pointers and yad, tzedakah boxes, Tefillin sets Yahrzeit memorial candles and all items customers might need for religious needs. Pandora,Middle East gift shop is simply the best Judaica shop for buying Jewish religious items.